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  • Angelite Rosary Bracelet

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    This hand crafted rosary bracelet is made from African Kazuri beads, and Angelite, a semi-precious gemstone, beads. Full rosary bracelets contain the same number of beads as a traditional rosary. The 50 Angelite beads are grouped into 5 groups of 10 representing "Hail Mary," The six larger Kazuri beads represent a prayer to "Our Father,"

    Kazuri beads are hand made ceramic beads that are shaped, polished, fired, painted and re-fired. The result is "kazuri" the Swahili word for "small and beautiful". In 1975 Lady Susan Wood established Kazuri Ltd. with the mission of providing work for a few women. Today Kazuri employs nearly 400 Kenyan women, most of who provide for 20 or more extended family members. The women get health insurance, school supplies, and earn three to five times the national average wage.

    Angelite is the name commonly given to a form of blue Anhydrite found in Peru. It is a stone which can facilitate connection with guides and angels, and can assist one into moving into meditation and prayer more easily. It's connection to angelic energies makes this an excellent stone to use when Divine Intervention is called for. Angelite is a stone of tranquility and it invokes a sense of inner peace when worn.

    The bracelet is strung on "memory wire" which unwinds to easily wrap around your wrists. The medals in this piece are made of pewter and finish the ends of the bracelet.

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