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  • Betel Nut Chaplet

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    Length: Approximately 14.5 inches.

    The top ring of this chaplet is made from ox bone. The simple cross is hand-cast in bronze and patterned after an antique design. The 10 beads in the body of the chaplet are betel nuts, which are the seeds of the Areca palm. The Areca grows in much of the tropical Pacific and East Africa. Commonly the nut is wrapped in betel leaves and chewed and acts as a mild stimulant, similar to a cup of coffee. Dried and polished nuts are often used in jewelry. This piece has been strung on a high quality 49 strand, nylon wrapped beading wire, and double crimped for added strength.

    The word "chaplet" refers to a set of prayers and also to the set of beads we may use to help pray those prayers. The Holy Rosary is sometimes called a chaplet, and chaplets are sometimes called rosaries. The work comes from the Old French and Medieval Latin words that mean a garland or wreath worn on the head. Chaplets may be circles of beads or come in a linear form. They incorporate a cross, crucifix or sacred symbol, or they may have a Holy Medal with an image of the Blessed Mother or one of the saints. Some have a ring at one end as in the case of the Irish Penal Chaplets.

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