Divine Beadworks Inspirational Jewelry Designed and Created by Cheryl Ford
  • Butterfly with Lampwork and Czech Fire-polished Glass Beads.

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    Length: Approximately 19 inches with a 2.5 in chain extender.

    New from Divine Beadworks Nature Themed Collection for 2017, this attractive necklace combines a beautiful antique-looking, pewter butterfly focal with lampwork beads from India and fire-polished glass beads from the Czech Republic. The lobster-claw clasp is made from a zinc alloy based pewter and has a heart motif. The chain extender supports a silver plated heart charm with a Celtic Knot design. The beads are strung on a high-quality 49 strand, nylon coated beading wire and double crimped for extra security.

    Lampwork beads are created by melting narrow rods of glass with the flame of a torch. The molten glass is wound around a mandrel, which is a thin length of stainless steel. The space occupied by the mandrel becomes a hole through the bead when the bead is slipped away. Turning the mandrel and holding it in different positions allows gravity to help the bead take form. Tools are also used to push and pull glass beads into shape.

    Lampworking is a skill that takes lots of practice and patience. A lampwork bead artist understands the glass and the torch and must learn how much heat it takes for glass to flow. They need to be aware of how much heat can be applied to a bead that's already shaped before it becomes molten again and loses shape. Artisans also need to know when to add decorative elements and how different colors of glass interact with each other.

    Although specific meanings vary from culture to culture, the butterfly is widely viewed as a positive symbol of personal transformation, freedom from previous struggles, renewal and hope. In the Japanese culture, the butterfly represents the happiness of a hopeful young bride who finds contentment in her new married life. Christians see parallels between the butterfly's metamorphosis and the spiritual journey Jesus underwent when he died and was resurrected. Much like the mythology of Christ, the butterfly enters a death-like state before it ultimately emerges in a new and far more beautiful form.

    The Blackfoot tribe of North America regards the butterfly as a bringer of dreams and a good night's sleep. Blackfoot women often embroidered a butterfly on a scrap of fabric or buckskin and affixed it to a baby's clothing to help the child fall asleep faster. Other tribes believe that people can capture a butterfly and tell it a prayer or fervent desire. Once released, the butterfly travels to the creator and acts as an emissary between humans and the divine.

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