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  • Czech Cut Glass Chaplet

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    Length: Approximately 12.5 inches.

    The word "chaplet" refers to a set of prayers and also to the set of beads we may use to help pray those prayers. The Holy Rosary is sometimes called a chaplet, and chaplets are sometimes called rosaries. The work comes from the Old French and Medieval Latin words that mean a garland or wreath worn on the head. Chaplets may be circles of beads or come in a linear form. They incorporate a cross, crucifix or sacred symbol, or they may have a Holy Medal with an image of the Blessed Mother or one of the saints. Some have a ring at one end as in the case of the Irish Penal Chaplets.

    The 10 beads in the main body of this chaplet are called Czech table-cut beads. The beads are created in the Czech Republic using a special saw that cuts both sides of the bead flat. The "Pater" bead is a ceramic bead. The beads are separated with metal spacers and tiny faceted Czech beads. This chaplet is strung on a high quality, 49 strand, nylon wrapped beading wire and double crimped for added strength.

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