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  • Joan of Arc Necklace

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    Length: Approximately 19 inches.

    This beautiful necklace combines unique lampwork beads with cultured fresh-water pearls. The double sided medal of Joan of Arc (the Maid of Orelans) on one side and coat of arms on the other. It is hand cast in white bronze after a vintage design. The necklace is strung on a high quality, 49 strand, nylon coated beading wire and double crimped for added security.

    The pearl is the oldest know gem, and for centuries considered the most valuable. It was said in some early cultures that the pearl was born with a single drop of rain fell from the heavens and became the heart of the oyster. Pearls have been called the 'teardrops of the moon.' Some believe that pearls were formed by the passage of angels through the clouds of heaven.

    Joan of Arc is considered a heroine of France and a Roman Catholic saint. Joan said she received visions of Archangel Michael, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine instructing her to support Charles the VII and recover France from English domination late in the 100 Years' War. Joan was sent to the siege of Orleans as part of a relief mission. She gained prominence after the siege lifted after nine days. On May 23, 1430 she was captured and turned over to the English and put on trial for various charges. After being declared guilty she was burned at the stake on May 30th 1431. She was about 19 years old.

    Twenty five years after her death, and inquisitorial court authorized by Pope Callixtus III, examined the trial, debunked the charges and declared her a martyr. Joan of Arc was beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920. Her feast day is May 30th.

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