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  • Metal Bead Chaplet

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    Length: Approximately 14 inches.

    This chaplet combines the warmth and smoothness of metal and horn beads with an antique cross design and a top ring of burnt and polished yak bone. The cross is hand-cast in bronze and re-coated with patina to restore it's vintage look. It is strung on a high quality, 49 strand, nylon coated beading wire and double crimped for added strength.

    Brown is the color of the earth and is associated with the material side of life. Some shades of brown crate a warm and comfortable feeling of wholesomeness, naturalness and dependability.

    One of the most popular chaplets, ten-bead chaplets are easy to carry and easy to pray. It's quite an old form. There is artwork dating from the 1500's depicting people using ten bead chaplets. They are also known as "single-decade rosaries," "pocket-rosaries," "walking rosaries," "decimas," and by the pleasingly quaint name, "tenners." They may or may not have an additional bead -a "Pater" bead. Typically, they include a holy medal, a cross or a crucifix, although one traditional form ends in a tassel. The beloved Irish Penal Rosaries are ten-bead chaplets that include both a crucifix and a ring.

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