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  • St. Francis with Kazuri and Millefiori Bead Rosary

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    The "Our Father" beads in this stunning rosary, are Kazuri beads, handcrafted ceramic beads made by women in Kenya Africa. The beading cooperative that employs nearly 400 women, Kazuri Ltd., provides them with an income three to five times the national average. Most of these women use their income to support as many as 20 extended family members.

    The "Hail Mary" beads are Millefiori after the glass making technique that was developed centuries ago in Italy. "Mille" is Italian for "thousand," and "fiori" means "flowers."

    The center piece is an epoxy coated image of St. Francis on a pewter background. The crucifix is also made of pewter. The rosary is strung on a high quality, 49 strand, nylon coated beading wire.

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