Divine Beadworks Inspirational Jewelry Designed and Created by Cheryl Ford
  • Tombak Cross, Necklace

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    Length: Approximately 18 and 3/4 inches.

    The Tombak Cross Pendant is one of the most popular modern designs in the Creator Mundi collection of sacred art. The cross is made of solid copper with an eye-catching texture that recalls the works of some of the great modern painters of the 20th century like Kandinsky and Rothko.

    On the back of the cross is a German sentence that translates to: "May the Lord protect you from all danger and always watch over your soul." Although the design is modern, the craftsmanship, care and power of the spirit that animated this cross comes from the Old World tradition.

    The necklace that supports this unique copper cross is created from tiny copper beads that are stamped with a cross design. Between the copper beads are faceted fire-polished beads from the Czech Republic. The necklace has been strung with a high quality, 49 strand, nylon coated beading wire and double crimped for extra security.

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